1000 V/ 16A

DC Isolator For Solar


The Isolator Switch is used for isolating DC source coming from Photo Voltaic Arrays to grid-connect inverters. Positioned adjacent to the inverter, this Isolater switch is required to provide a means of manually isolating the entire PV array during system installation or any subsequent maintenance. It provides the benefit of isolating DC as well as circuits with the same single switch. Thus simplifying and reducing the number of devices in the installation.
Photo voltaic installations are to be equipped with DC-isolators according to IEC-60364-7-712 / IEC 60947. Switch disconnectors (SI) ensures a reliable switching for 16A @ 1000v and @600V for DC21B utilization category.

Features & Specification

  • Switch designs are aesthetically pleasant and functionally robust. Flame retardant engineering plastic is used for heavy duty working
  • Silver plated wiping self-cleaning contacts are used for longer life
  •  IP 65 protection helps it to withstand extreme and polluted environmental conditions under PD3
  • Various mounting options like Din Rail, Front panel single hole and Rear mounting are available
  • Combination of DC and AC is available in the same switch. This reduces the number of devices in the circuit.
  • Switches have been tested as per IEC 60947-3 : 2012

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