ON-OFF / Changeover / Multistep Switches

Rotary Cam Switches

Rotary cam changeover and multistep switches are used for connecting or disconnecting circuits working as controlling or changeover function. It can be also used to control three phase asynchronous motor or as command control. It has wide applications such as circuit controlling, testing equipment, motor controlling, and command controlling and electric welding machine current controlling.


  • Attractive combination of colors for Knob, Handle & Escutcheon plates.
  • Cams used for contacting makes it suitable for switching in various programmable combinations.
  • Silver alloy contacts used has a very high durability & endurance.
  • A double break contact ensures positive making & breaking.
  • Modular design to achieve any number of poles with minimum components.
  • Superior insulating material ensures electrical & mechanical stability.
  • Opened & are closed using springs to a force to achieve desirable contact pressure. Two poles can be arranged in each set of contact housing making it compact for the application.