Instrument Selector Switches

Rotary Cam Switches


These Switches are used as mode selector switch to measure currents and voltages of different circuits

Ammeter Selector Switch – is basically a normal three position switch. In large Electrical distribution panel, an ammeter is used to monitor current through each line; with or without CT. The basic idea behind the use of ammeter selector switch is to reduce the number of ammeters used to monitor line currents.

Voltmeter Selector Switch – Is used to measure voltages between phases, between phase and neutral with one voltmeter and a switch, it is available in three & six positions; with and without off.

Features & Specification

  • Attractive combination of colours for Knob, Handle & Escutcheon plates.
  • Silver alloy contacts used has a very high durability & endurance.
  • A double break contact ensures positive making & breaking.
  • Modular design to achieve any number of poles with minimum components.
  • Superior insulating material ensures electrical & mechanical stability.