Phase Selector Switches

Rotary Cam Switches


Rotary Cam Switches are modular in design. They have contact housing stacked with indexing mechanism. The operating knob is attached to a steel shaft that rotates the cams which drives the contacts to an unlimited combinations of contact programs.
The housing is made of engineering thermoplastic material. It contains two sets of contacts. The contacts are mechanically opened. They close using springs which aid in providing required force to achieve desirable contact pressure.
Two poles can be arranged in each set of contact housing making it compact for the application.

Features & Specification

Breaker Control Switches are used in MV, HV and UHV Breakers. These selector switches which can be controlled locally as well as remotely. They are used to trip or close the breakers with momentary contacts.

  •  Pistol grip & Wing type lockable handles available for security and safety
  •  Silver alloy contacts, have very high durability and endurance
  •  Cams used for contacting, are suitable for switching in various programmable combinations
  •  A double break contact for positive making and breaking
  •  Superior insulating material for electrical and mechanical stability
  •  Modular design for multiple poles with minimum components